AI Tutor will select the appropriate pedagogical interventions for you to learn better

Student Model Decides Optimal Intervention

The student model together with the reinforcement learning (RL) algorithm decides on an optimal intervention for each student in real-time.

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Stay Motivated and Engaged by learning with automatically generated Pedagogical interventions

Concept Trees

Automatically generated concept tree that visualizes complicated concepts for you

Math Equations

Strengthen your mathematical skills by learning and creating math equations for the problems

Programming Exercises

Brush up your programming skills in Python by resolving data science problems

Chat Interface and Personalized Feedback

Got stuck? Ask your AI Tutor for help anytime

Flexible Curriculum

Visualize your curriculum and navigate to different areas. Complete bite-size modules and earn data science skills as you advance through the map

Personalized Learning Path

A path created by the AI Tutor to address your unique needs

Hints and Rephrasing

AI Tutor can select different types of hints, and sometimes rephrase the questions to help you to understand the concept better

Work-Related Content

Coming Soon
Managers are able to include work-related exercises to upskill team's data science problem-solving skills

Problem Revisit

Coming Soon
Not able to resolve the problem right now? AI Tutor will allow you to revisit the problem later if you need more time to understand the concept

Fill-in-the-Gap and MCQ

Don't know the answer to the question? The AI Tutor will change the answering format to help you think deeper

Socratic Learning

Students discover materials on their own with the help of questions and answers that are close to real learning experience


All the teaching materials and exercises are created to solve real-life problems. Students can apply their knowledge right away in their study or work