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Upskill in data science with an interactive AI tutor

Korbit's award-winning AI tutor will guide you on your personalized data science learning journey as you navigate through projects, videos, practice problems, Python programming exercises and more!

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Powered by advanced AI technologies, Korbit allows you to learn data science in an engaging, interactive, personalized way that has proven to lead to better outcomes than traditional online learning platforms.

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Data science programming exercises in Python
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Our product & core features

The most interactive, personalized learning solution for students and professionals

Personalized learning journey

Begin with an assessment and receive a personalized learning curriculum based on your knowledge level and goals.

Automatic difficulty adjustment

Learn at the level of difficulty adjusted by our AI tutor based on your performance so you can reach the finish line.

All the essentials in one

Acquire essential data science knowledge in machine learning, data analysis, Python, statistics, mathematics and related subjects.

AI tutor available 24/7

Learn actively and interactively by chatting with our always-available AI tutor and adjust the contents to your pace.

Real-time feedback

Receive AI-driven feedback on your answers to exercise problems in real-time from our 24/7 available AI tutor to keep you progressing.

Industry-applicable content

Work on unique projects and exercises designed to solve real-world problems that you will encounter at work.

How it works

Start learning in just 3 steps

Customize your learning journey

Our award-winning AI will build the right curriculum for you based on your knowledge, goals and time availability.

Study with our AI tutor

Proceed through our exercises and course materials with our conversational AI tutor by your side, available 24/7 to give you personalized feedback and guidance.

Practice with projects

Solidify your new knowledge through projects while our AI tutor continues to assess your progress and needs.


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“It's fascinating to interact with AI while learning”

The elective course I took at university which led me to try Korbit out. It's fascinating to interact with AI while learning. Within a week, Korbit's curriculum covered everything I needed to integrate AI in my IT security training. It helped me to go further and landed an internship in France after my graduation.

Sebastian B.
Cybersecurity R&D Intern

“Korbit made me feel confident in data science”

After I finished my course at Korbit AI, I felt confident as it made me feel like I had the knowledge and education that machine learning and AI specialists acquire through their studies. I had no practical experience with neural networks, so Korbit was the starting point for me. It wasn’t easy, but it was extremely interesting.

Oleksandra M.
Former Risk Analyst
Current Data Analyst

“Korbit customized my curriculum to my needs”

Korbit customized my curriculum to my needs, and this is something that is not available on other online courses. You can choose what you want to learn, for instance, if you are good at statistics you can choose to skip this content which makes learning more effective.

Vineet K.
IT Specialist
Korbit is an award-winning platform for training in AI & Data Science

Korbit is great for students, professionals and enterprises

Students & Individuals

Personalize your learning journey to master data science.

IT Professionals

Advance your career by learning in-demand data science skills.

Teams & Enterprises

Build data science teams and develop an AI strategy.