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The all-new Korbit console

May 2, 2024
Korbit Console v2

Today we’re excited to release an upgrade to the Korbit console. Key features include:

Clearer reporting

  • New time series charts showing PRs and issues found by Korbit
  • Filters by date and repository

Simplified controls for when Korbit will comment

  • By default, Korbit will comment on all PRs, but we will no longer comment on your draft PRs.
  • If you wish to enable comments on drafts, there is an option in the Settings page.
  • And, of course, GitHub users can ask Korbit for comments at any time using the /korbit-review command.

More intuitive controls for category filters

  • We’ve greatly simplified our issue categories to allow you to adjust the number of comments that appear in your reviews. Behind the scenes, we’re using smarter defaults and rules to remove duplicates and lower-value comments. And in the UI, you now have a cleaner set of category filters.

Better management of Korbit-enabled workspaces and repositories

  • Korbit can only comment on repos for which we’ve been granted access in your VCS. In the Settings page, we’ve made it easier to see which repositories have Korbit installed and we provide quick links to add/remove repositories.

Updated help docs

More features and enhancements are coming soon but in the meantime please take 3 minutes to answer our short user survey. Your feedback will help us prioritize our roadmap.