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The elective course I took at university which led me to try Korbit out. It's fascinating to interact with AI while learning. Within a week, Korbit's curriculum covered everything I needed to integrate AI in my IT security training. It helped me to go further and landed an internship in France after my graduation.
Sebastian B.
Cybersecurity R&D Intern
I was thinking about going into industry or PhD. To prepare for my interviews, I wanted to know more about machine learning and statistics. I studied with Korbit's curriculum because the contents were very straight to the point and it covered a lot. I especially enjoy the maths content, optimization and learn how to use datasets to extract information. I can use what I learn to solve the real-life problem in the industries.
Taliana H.
Master Student in Cognitive Neuroscience
Korbit customized my curriculum to my needs, and this is something that is not available on other online courses. You can choose what you want to learn, for instance, if you are good at statistics you can choose to skip this content which makes learning more effective.
Vineet K
IT Technology Specialist
I was at first skeptical about Korbit's unconventional teaching method powered by AI. However, after trying a couple of sessions, I realized how great it was for my learning outcomes. What I like about Korbit's personalized curriculum is: we can learn through doing problem-solving exercises. My dream is to work as a coder in the game industry. However, my current school does not provide any relevant education. I am happy that Kobit has provided me with a great way to learn for free, and the AI tutor is like a friend who can accompany students to overcome the study struggles.
Soumi S.
9th Grade Student

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