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Korbit is a GenAI PR Code Reviewer

+ Detects issues in your code, and explains how to fix them.
+ Significantly accelerates your PR code review process.
+ All securely within your existing GitHub workflow.
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Korbit does PR code reviews just like a senior engineer would do, but in a fraction of the time, anytime.
Write better code, faster

Detects issues in your code and shows you how to fix them.

Reduces time spent on code reviews and debugging

Improves overall code quality and consistency

Integrated into GitHub PR workflow

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Korbit reviews code on pull requests. It detects issues including critical bugs, performance optimization, security vulnerabilities, and more. Writes comments in your PR with explanations and recommendations on how to fix them.

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Saves time. Improves code quality

Provides explanations, advice and replacement code for each issue...all within your PR.

Responds to questions and comments in your PR

Includes explanations and recommendations in the comments

Generates replacement code on-demand

Korbit provides interactive explanations, advice, and code to continuously mentor engineers on how to best resolve issues, and learn new concepts. The AI Mentor even responds to questions and comments in your PR, just like a Sr. engineer.

Quality and Performance Insights

Reports on the state of your projects, code, and your team.

See what issues have been detected and resolved

Score the capabilities and performance of the team

Plan projects to stay on schedule and on budget

korbit ai mentor finding issues

Korbit tracks and reports all activity across the organization, providing you visibility, insights and confidence into the state of your projects and team.


“It’s like having unlimited code reviewers”

David Palmer
CTO, Data Buddies

“We didn’t have the time or resources to do all the code reviews required and it was costing us. With Korbit, it's like having unlimited code reviewers available 24/7. Our engineers are now getting way more done, on their own, with better results...and they’re learning new skills.

Korbit by the Numbers

Detecting. Resolving. Upskilling.

scanning code

Over 22 million lines of code scanned. Saving countless debugging hours.

Detecting Issues

Over 74,000 issues detected. Improving code quality and eliminating tech debt.

Reviewing PR's

Over 6,200 PR code reviews completed. Finding and fixing issues. Mentoring your engineers.

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