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Case study: FPT Software
FPT, one of the largest global IT companies, successfully upskilled more than 1,000 of its software developers in machine learning and data skills using Korbit!
Case study: Upskilling Goal

FPT Software wanted to increase growth and capability

“We have 20,000 people, but we have less than 200 ML/AI engineers at the moment. It is quite critical for us to expand this to 2,000 this year, 10,000 in the next couple of years.”
Chief AI Officer, Phong Nguyen
However, they were struggling.
Case study: Challenges

FPT’s challenges without Korbit

In-person training is limited by available teachers and classrooms to 20 students at a time.
Online platforms and courses remained unengaging with course completion rates of only 5%.
Case study: Korbit as the solution

Employees love learning with Korbit

Chief AI Officer
Phong Nguyen
“Korbit brings a very fresh approach to learning by interacting with the AI tutor… Our employees who used to learn on other online courses find it very fresh to do something new.”
of tech employees prefer Korbit to other platforms.
want to take multiple courses with Korbit.
 more courses completed with Korbit.
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Increase in learning outcomes

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of managers dissatisfied with their company’s learning programs
Harvard Business Review
of employees report they don’t have mastery of the skills for their jobs
Harvard Business Review

At Korbit, we believe the skills gap is solvable and that the future of professional skills development is personalized, interactive and delivered just-in-time to the teams and learners that need it.

Increase in learning outcomes
Korbit is the solution

Korbit offers personalized skill development at scale

Korbit is a highly scalable online learning platform powered by advanced AI technologies to offer an engaging, interactive, personalized learning experience comparable to on-site training.

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Higher completion rates
Professionals & students
learning with Korbit
Data science programming exercises in Python
Exercise problems with AI-evaluated written responses
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A completely new way to learn software and data skills

The Right skills to hit your goals

Personalized learning path

Korbi instantly tailors the learning materials and path based on your understanding of data science concepts, time availability, and level of achievement desired. Korbi adjusts the level of difficulty and pace based on your performance throughout the learning path.


Exercises with AI-evaluated written responses and hints

Korbi selects different types of hints, and sometimes rephrases the questions to help you to understand the concept better. Work on conversational, interactive exercises with Korbi and get real-time feedback to assess your answers and keep progressing.

learn by doing

Data and software coding exercises in Python

Brush up your mathematical and programming skills by working on our wide selection of carefully designed data science exercises and unique projects in Python. You will acquire essential skills to solve real-world problems that you will encounter at work.