The AI Mentor for
Software Engineering

generative AI solution that optimizes
the software development process.
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The AI Mentor does code reviews, detects and assigns issues, and teaches engineers how-to fix the issues, all within their workflow.

whY Korbit?

The AI Mentor dramatically saves time, improves code quality & upskills engineering teams.
Saving time

Automated code reviews to find and resolve issues and bugs, instead of spending valuable time debugging, researching and asking others for help.

Awesome code

Improves code quality by detecting bugs, inconsistent, and inefficient code that would have otherwise slipped by and into production.


Upskills engineers with explanations, recommendations and coding exercises right in their workflow.

How it works

1. Detects

Automated Code reviews detect and assign issues

2. Resolves

Explains issues and recommends solutions

3. Upskills

Upskills engineers with live exercises and examples