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The AI Mentor for Software Engineering
Better code, faster

Reviews code on every pull-request. Detects issues including critical bugs, performance optimization, security vulnerabilities, your coding standards, and more.

Issue Resolution and Upskilling

Provides interactive explanations, advice, replacement code and exercises to resolve issues and continuously upskill engineers. All within your current workflow.

Project and Team Insights

Tracks and reports all the activity across the organization, providing you visibility, insights and confidence into the state of your project and your team.

1) You'll install Korbit from their secure Partner Marketplace.

2) Choose a repo when prompted, and you'll see detected issues and comments in your next PR.

3) Safe and Secure: Korbit can not see or store any of your source code, ever.

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“It’s like having unlimited code reviewers”

David Palmer
CTO, Data Buddies

“We didn’t have the time or resources to do all the code reviews required and it was costing us. With Korbit, it's like having unlimited code reviewers available 24/7. Our engineers are now getting way more done, on their own, with better results...and they’re learning new skills.

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