Improve your Bitbucket Pull Requests with Korbit AI Mentor

Improve your Bitbucket Pull Requests with Korbit AI Mentor
Improve your Bitbucket Pull Requests with Korbit AI Mentor

by Phil Miller

If you haven’t already read our previous posts about how to improve your code reviews, and the best tools for them, we highly recommend you start with those. Code reviews are a crucial part of any healthy development workflow, and Korbit AI Mentor is the easiest way to make them even more efficient. 

Korbit is effectively a senior engineer at your disposal for code reviews and upskilling of other teammates. It will not only provide valuable feedback on your PRs in Bitbucket but help the rest of the team to hone their technical skills by teaching them with interactive lessons. And all of this happens in the context of the PR workflow they are familiar with. 

Bitbucket code review: PRs with the power of Atlassian

First, let’s look at a few things that make Bitbucket powerful for code reviews. 

Explicit Reviewer Assignments: Streamlining Collaboration in Bitbucket

In Bitbucket, assigning reviewers to pull requests is more than a procedural step; it's a gateway to collaborative code improvement. This feature ensures that every change is scrutinized and enhanced by the collective expertise of your team. It transforms pull requests from mere code submissions into dynamic discussions, fostering a culture of shared responsibility and continuous improvement. You can even add default reviewers to make sure the right people are seeing critical changes.

In-Depth Commentary, Tasks, and Suggestions

One of Bitbucket’s strengths lies in its ability to facilitate detailed, in-context feedback through inline comments. This feature is instrumental in capturing valuable insights right where they matter, allowing for precise and constructive discussions. Whether it's suggesting specific code enhancements or acknowledging exceptional logic, these comments are vital for a thorough and effective code review process. If you want to bring more structure to reviews, you can add ad-hoc tasks to make it even easier to ensure completeness.

Workflow Customization

Bitbucket recognizes the uniqueness of each development team, offering extensive flexibility in its workflow. From deciding how pull requests are merged (e.g., merge commit, fast-forward, squash) to setting conditions for merges (like required approvals or build passes), Bitbucket allows teams to customize their workflow to match their specific needs, regulatory requirements, and quality standards. It may require a Premium subscription, so make sure you have the plan to accommodate your workflow requirements. For example, enforcing merge checks, or adding a layer of permissions around deployments. 

CI/CD is also a first class feature of Bitbucket. Pipes allow for an easily composable solution, including many off-the-shelf integrations. Don’t see what you need? You can write your own Pipes to suit whatever your needs may be!

Even More Integrations

Bitbucket’s power is further augmented by its ability to integrate smoothly with other tools in the Atlassian suite, like Jira and Bamboo, as well as a plethora of add-ons available in the Atlassian Marketplace. These integrations facilitate a seamless development experience, reducing the need to switch contexts and ensuring that the entire development process is cohesive and efficient. Atlassian is also prioritizing a security-first approach with its DevSecOps focus, all in context in Bitbucket. 

Korbit AI Mentor: Supercharging Your Bitbucket Experience

With Korbit AI Mentor, your Bitbucket experience is elevated to new heights. Our AI Mentor seamlessly integrates with Bitbucket, analyzing each pull request to identify issues like bugs, performance gaps, and security vulnerabilities. It offers intelligent suggestions and educational content, effectively acting as an on-demand senior engineer within your Bitbucket environment.

Korbit AI Mentor enhances the Bitbucket pull request process by:

  • Automated Code Review: Analyzing every pull request for potential improvements and standards compliance.
  • Contextual Feedback: Providing in-depth explanations and proposed code replacements within the Bitbucket interface.
  • Continuous Learning: Advice and recommendations to guide and upskill your team, directly linked to the issues identified in pull requests.
  • Intelligent Insights: Tracking key metrics for project planning and decision-making, fully integrated with your Bitbucket workflow.
  • CI/CD Friendly: Integrate our AI Mentor into your Pipes using the `korbit-mentor` CLI

By incorporating Korbit AI Mentor into your Bitbucket setup, you not only streamline your code review process but also foster a culture of excellence and continuous learning within your team. It's an invaluable tool for any team looking to maximize the potential of their Bitbucket workflow. 

Install it today and let us know what you think, our product is constantly evolving and we’d love to hear your feedback! 

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