Feeling left behind by AI? Get back on track today by accelerating your team's code reviews with Korbit.

Feeling left behind by AI? Get back on track today by accelerating your team's code reviews with Korbit.
Feeling left behind by AI? Get back on track today by accelerating your team's code reviews with Korbit.

by Phil Miller

The rapid growth of AI

To say that the recent rise of AI and AI powered tools is meteoric, would be a huge understatement. We’re in the middle of an exponential growth curve driven largely by LLMs, so it’s understandably hard to predict the future. This is particularly true for technologists in leadership positions whose jobs it is to try and make these types of predictions, and who are responsible for strategic innovation in their organizations. 

This is why we, as technical leaders, can’t help but feel overwhelmed and, increasingly, left behind when thinking about leveraging AI and its applications. 

It has become more and more apparent, the question is no longer if or when you should adopt AI, but how. 

It is imperative that you turn your feelings of AI FOMO into those of empowerment, productivity, and excitement. We all know the best time to plant a tree was years ago, but the second best time is right now! 

The transformative power of AI for engineering teams

While there has been steady progress in AI for the last decade, we’ve seen a real explosion in the last year or two. We are only now beginning to see the true power of the application of these breakthroughs, and the future is even brighter

Software engineering is at the forefront of this AI transformation. Because of recent advances with LLMs, not only can every one of your engineers now have a powerful assistant to help them code, but you can also have an AI mentor for your entire engineering organization. What would have sounded like magic a few short years ago, is now very much a reality. The proliferation of these types of tools means that anyone using them now has an outsized advantage over their competitors in terms of productivity. A recent study found that engineers received a productivity boost of up to 126% when using AI assistance.  With numbers like this, it will soon be a requirement to have some sort of AI enablement throughout your entire software development lifecycle. 

Benefits of AI Enablement Tools

Let’s look at a few reasons why these tools have seen such rapid adoption. 

Swift Learning Curve: With AI tools, the focus shifts from the intricate details of how AI works, to its practical application. Research suggests that practical application enables better adaptability.

Process Integration: No need to reinvent the wheel. Retain your existing processes. Let AI integrate seamlessly and do the heavy lifting for you.

Accelerated Innovation & Prototyping: Time spent on coding, debugging, and testing can be significantly reduced, paving the way for faster iterations and innovations.

Team Empowerment: The democratization of AI means that even team members without deep AI expertise can contribute meaningfully, leveling the playing field.

Getting started with Korbit

If you’re looking for one of the easiest ways to experience the transformative power of AI in your software development process, Korbit AI Mentor is the solution for you. Here’s why: 

Korbit's demo video

Easy installation (and immediate time-to-value): A few clicks and it’s ready in your code review tool of choice. 

User-friendly: It lives right in your pull requests, so there’s no big process changes to worry about. 

Upskilling: Continuous learning shows your engineers why something is right versus simply telling them. 

Scans & reporting: Automatically (and manually) scans your code repos and generates insightful reports.

But don’t take our word for it, you can also add it to your source control tool of choice right now and see first hand how it can accelerate your team’s software development. 


Tools like Korbit aren’t just about coding assistance; they represent a paradigm shift in software engineering. Embracing them is a leap towards AI-literacy for your entire engineering organization. Yes, it’s totally normal to feel left-behind when it comes to rapid technological change. The flipside is that it’s never been easier to catch up! 

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